Stitches for Backstage

Despite the name of this blog, I rarely do stitches based on theatre. I would do more, but I’d have to design them myself, and I already have so many patterns in my queue………

HOWEVER! I did come up with this idea a few days ago. This isn’t based on any one incident, but tiny things that have happened several times over all the places I’ve worked (which really isn’t many, when I think about it…even if I break all the ships up into individual venues….)


The reason for this is that, usually, at least one person will still be putting on a bra or pants when I call “PLACES,” which is supposed to be the call for everyone to already be in costume and to come out to their places onstage. Interestingly, since I started this piece a couple days ago, I haven’t had a problem with dancers not having their clothes on in time. Maybe they saw my pattern…

As soon as this dries, this baby is going on the automation panel for all to see.

On the secret series, I’m about 1.6/8 done now 😀

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3 Responses to Stitches for Backstage

  1. Cathie J says:

    What a great cross-stitch idea.

  2. Lara Maerz says:

    I would love patterns for all of your theatre related stitches!

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