Inspired by the work we love.

Several weeks ago, I discovered this comic as it was circling around Facebook. It’s now hanging up in our tech office. Anyway, I went through all of the ones posted, and there were several. I got to this one, and loved the tagline. As a theatre technician, or even a choreographer, sometimes no news is good news when it comes to reviews. I found the artist on Facebook liked the page and sent a Facebook message asking if the artist would mind if I cross stitched it. He was really cool, and we ended up having a really nice conversation.

My fiance, a sound technician (as I’ve mentioned before) and I have now added this comic to our weekly reads 🙂

So here’s my tribute to those words that are oh so true:

Theatre Tech


The white words are actually glow-in-the-dark because I can never resist, and also because (and I totally thought of this before Frank pointed this out…) of flashlights and glow tape to maneuver backstage. The other words are black on black as a commentary of what we do, as theatre techs..or something artsy like that. Not seen or heard, but we’re there, and necessary to the shows running the way they’re supposed to. The black words are the line I borrowed from Q2Q: “If you’ve done your job well enough, no one will care.”

Fittingly, I did most of the stitching for this either backstage during rehearsals (we have a new dancer…so many rehearsals), or at the soundboard during the comedy shows.

Originally, I was going to embroider the words on duvatine, a black, easily rippable fabric mostly used for masking in theatre. Unfortunately, not only am I VERY inexperienced with embroidery, but duvatine is not made to be decorated. The thread sank right into the fabric, and the amount of effort that it would have taken to make it look good was astronomical. So, not wanting to put the fabric to waste, I used it for what it was made for: masking.

Theatre Tech

I also plan to hang it up with tie line, a small rope primarily used in theatres, just to ice the cake a bit.

Again, special thanks to my new friend Steve and his awesome comic! Continue to draw what we’re all feeling 🙂


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2 Responses to Inspired by the work we love.

  1. Megan says:

    What size fabric did you use?

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