This is whats happening…

So…it seems like I’ve been on a mini hiatus. And I kind of have. I haven’t stitched very much lately.

On 26 July, our contract ended, so Frank and I left our ship. Before that…craziness. Handovers, packing, and an impromptu Bachelor/Bachelorette party thrown for us by our cast (hopefully, I’ll get around to updating the travel blog about that). I tried stitching a bit…but life happened…

As soon as I got home, I was extremely grateful that I finished my wedding stitches (and didn’t ruin them, like I thought I did), because we hit the ground running with more wedding stuff. Just three days after my return, I had my final fitting for my dress, then I finalized the rentals and got a runner…everything is pretty much done other than paying off the stuff.

Oh, and now I’m in California (far from home) for my brother’s wedding. Weddings for everyone! I did stitch on the plane. Finished my little brother’s birthday piece…which is good, because his birthday was last month, and the thing has only like 600 stitches in it. Should have finished that in a day.

Anyway, the point is that I am stitching stuff…but I’m also super busy, and not getting a huge amount done that isn’t directly part of my impending wedding 🙂

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