Wedding Stitches: Part 5

You know what series doesn’t strike me as overly romantic? Hunger Games. So that’s where the next quote came from.

I loved the series when i first read it. I tore through the first book. Would have been one sitting if I didn’t have to go eat….
Anyway, even though the focus of the story isn’t Katniss’s love life, and the quote is part of an act to stay alive, I wanted one in there, and one that didn’t sound too cheesy. So, Frank and I chose this one.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Remember, we’re madly in love. So it’s all right to kiss me whenever you feel like it”

Clearly, I took some liberties with the punctuation in this one.

It’s done on 18 count aida. I’ve done that Mockingjay pattern before, but it fit really well here in that I wanted very simple designs to go with each quote

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