WIPocalypse October 2014

Whew. So the last month has been a whirlwind, as you can imagine. I stitched a little, but not much.

So, first the Topic.

Are you a Halloween or Christmas stitcher?

Mmm. Christmakkah, I guess. I haven’t done any actual “themed” stitches of either holiday yet, but I have stitched gifts for the giftgiving holiday.

I have a couple tiny kits for Christmas (where are all the Hanukkah ones?), but I have some HUGE projects in the works for this contract.

Now, speaking of big projects, I am sad to say that my big Harry Potter Lightning Bolt project has been scrapped for now. :/ I measured wrong, and the fabric turned out to be too small. However, I have not scrapped the idea, so I am going to order fabric that same color and try it again. The good news is that I was only about 1/10 in (which was only about 1000 stitches…which is a lot, but whatevs).

So, new projects. I have three major projects I’m starting this month (because I’m a crazy person).

The first one is a neat little project that I copied from was inspired by another member on Sprite Stitch. For every day of the year, I’ll stitch on line of 20 stitches with a color coordinating with the temperature high (in degrees Fahrenheit) from that day.


It doesn’t look like much now, but I hope to be caught up by the time I get to the ship.

The only thing that bothers me about this project is that I’m not sure how to justify starting it in 2014. Now, it is the year I got married, but is that good enough? We got married at basically the end of the year. He proposed in 2013, January, so that would make more sense, or 2006 January, when we first started actually being a couple… I dunno…I feel like I should go back and weather document our entire relationship lol… Or maybe the year we finally got married is enough.

And I’m entering it into the town fair.

The next two I haven’t started yet, but they’re gonna be big. And monochromatic. One is a Hobbit piece that I’m excited about, because Frank loves Tolkien. The pattern wasn’t difficult to come up with so I’ll probably share it after I’m finished.

Then I have this:


I’ve wanted to get an afghan to stitch on for a while, but I could not justify spending the money while we were in wedding mode. Then, Frank’s mother, who’d picked up cross stitching very very briefly, presented one to me out of the package, but never used. *angel noises*

This will be a glorious Portal Blanket. And is the reason I could not pack my Doctor Who exploding TARDIS blanket. Worth it.

Lastly, as some may have noticed, the blog went through a redesign in the last few days. I posted before about having designed a logo of sorts for…whatever this is…not really a business, not just a blog? Anyway, seeing as all I had was a SUPER rough idea of the logo, and I wanted something a bit more highres, I asked my sister to redraw the masks and needle for me, and the result is awesome.

You can see her other work here, and like her Facebook here.

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