“Remember who you are…”

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while. There’s a story behind it.

Frank…does things to my face. He’ll run his hand down my face and say “Horse pet” (or just pet my nose with two fingers and say “miniature horse pet”). There are others, but the one he like the most is secretly licking his thumb, and then running it across my forehead saying “simbaaa” like Rakifi in Lion King.


I get him back enough, don’t worry.

Anyway, it inspired me to want to stitch the Simba painting. While I can pretty much do what ever I want in terms of what I stitch, I sometimes put off projects that I’d like to do for ones I want to do more. Then and opportunity to force myself to do this project arose when Sprite Stitch announced that this month’s challenge is Zodiac. I didn’t think about it at first, but then I realized that my sign, Leo, is a lion, duh. So…it’ll count, right?

So here he is:

108 Simba

At first, I just lest the stitch, but then I thought something was missing, so I added the background. It’s very similar to exactly the same as one I did for a minimalist project. I think it fits each one, but in a different way.

Working on my blanket and weather projects now, so that will be using most of my time 😀

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