Stitching Spirographs

When I was little, I loved drawing with the little toys that help you draw perfect spirographs. So when I found this tutorial about a year ago, I knew I had to try it. I haven’t gotten around to it till now, but I love the results.

This was my very first attempt:

Purple SpirographI chose purple because it’s Frank’s favorite color and both of our school colors (complete coincidence, different schools). It was alright. I like the way the colors looked together, but I was a bit lazy with executions, so it was a little bendy at the end. The center of the circle is about the size of a nickle, for reference.

I tried something different with the outside border for the second attempt. This time it was made with my favorite color, orange.

Orange Spirograph

I absolutely adore the way these colors blend together. I think I’ll do these colors again, but maybe do it so that the orange gets darker and then lighter, so the same amount of colors, just thinner sections.

I really want to try these with variegated colors and see how that turns out. There are also smaller circles that I have left over, and I’d like to try some smaller ones too. It was frustrating at first because there’s a bit of math and trial-and-error, but the results are really fun.

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