IHSW October 2014

At the moment, it’s not difficult to set some time aside for my crafts, but I’ll never pass up an opportunity to dedicate a weekend to it if I can help it. So, here are the results for the weekend. I’ve been working on the weather piece while I’ve been in the studio, and I don’t have before/after pictures, but here it is now The needle is pointing to where I started from this weekend. So, basically that’s all of February done this weekend. I’ll be labeling all the months so that it’s easier to tell. I didn’t get as much on the blanket done as I wanted, because I wanted to be done and there’s still the border left, but I did the main picture part 🙂 And then there’s the reason that I didn’t do as much as I intended to on the blanket. I could have finished it last night, but I had a very, very distracting brain wave. Pokeball spirograph? This attempt wasn’t very good: But I love how this one turned out: Wrapping the black and figuring out the math on this one took the longest.112 Pokeball Spirograph

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