Everything is AWESOME!

When the LEGO Movie first came out, I wanted to see it, but I did not think I was going to love it as much as I did. It was pretty cute and had a HUGELY catchy theme song.

“Everything is Awesome” played at my wedding for my new husband and me to walk to our reception. It was perfect. Only for us though. The rest of the party walked in to “Happy” because I don’t care about cliches 🙂

Then Spoonflower had a giveaway of 8×8 inch swatches of their Eco Canvas. One per household. One. Per. Household. Hmm….

I convinced Frank that he wanted one (I ordered one to myself to Frank’s house), and my grandmother ordered one for me, too. Is that cheating? I ended up with three pretty nice swatches. I ordered one of them with a LEGO Interlocking Brick pattern on it, with no idea what to do with it.

Eventually, this happened:

114 AwesomeI was originally going to stitch it in yellow, but some of the bricks I’d be stitching over were the color I wanted to use. Also, I’m getting better at French knots.

One thing I just can’t understand how this is neater than my actual handwriting. I really can’t.

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One Response to Everything is AWESOME!

  1. Dawn Early says:

    One thing I can’t understand is how I can ‘draw’ better when I’m doing it free hand embroidering versus pencil and paper.

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