IHSW November 2014: I’m trying!

Caution! This post might be NSFW.

As I wrote in my last post, it’s very difficult right now to do or think about anything other than work. It’s easy for work to monopolize your life when you literally live there.

However, I did get to stitch a small thing for a good friend of mine, comedian Johnny Millwater. He and his sister Kim Harrison both frequent the Carnival ships’ comedy clubs, and Frank and I have spent quite a bit of time with each of them. Johnny has a bit about Sign Language and a sign he made up himself which is the “I love you” sign with the middle finger up instead of the index, and means “I’d love to fuck you.” Ages ago (or what seems like ages…it was last contract, so probably only about 4 months ago), He was watching me cross stitch backstage, and asked half-jokingly to make him one with that hand sign. I said I’d do it, and then didn’t…because I procrastinate. But then he came on my new ship…and my chance was here.

This is what I eventually came up with. It only took a few hours from start to absolute finish.


And he loved it!

I’m working intermittently on the weather project, but I haven’t touched the blanket since we came on board. Once the supervisors from the office are gone from the ship in December, I’ll be able to relax and get some real stitching done. As of now, with installing the shows (still), we’re all working 10-11 hour days, so it’s difficult to set aside time.

I’m also watching an anime with Frank called Hunter X Hunter, which is in Japanese and has English subtitles, so I can’t pay attention to it and work on something else at the same time. It’s nearing the end, so it’s getting pretty intense. I recommend it. In fact, I might stitch a Hunter’s License at some point lol

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