Tolkien Gifts

There was a theme for Frank’s gifts this year. I admit I’m not the best at gift-giving. Frank is though…


A special edition NES 3DSXL 😀

Meanwhile, I made something for him again.

119 Tolkein

It’s his favorite quote, and I think it’s fitting anyway given our current (get it? we live on water HAHAHAHAHA) situation.

I originally wanted it to be able to fit it into a 6 inch round hoop, but once it was complete, it was a bit too big. The other one I had available was an 8 inch round hoop, but that was much too big. Another option was to get a square frame, but I was on duty, and could not leave the ship. So what to do? Luckily, I know (kind of) how to bend wood, so I just took the 6 inch round hoop I was going to use and soaked it for a bit in warm water and bent it into the oval you see in the picture. It’s not perfect, but I was glad it worked.

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