Fredericksburg’s Highs (…in fahrenheit)

A working title for when I enter my latest finish into the fair. “Finish” is used loosely here, because I haven’t really decided how I want it to look in the end…framed? In a scroll? Bell pull? the possibilities are nearly endless. (Those are the only ones I could think of…)

Anyway here is the finished product!


Each line is a day from 2014, and the colors represent different temperature ranges for that day’s highest temperature.

Still needs to be washed again, I think, and ironed obviously, but the stitching is done! It’s so cool to see the year laid out like this 🙂

I’m not sad about how long this took (I started in October), because it would have taken a year even if I started at the beginning of last year lol

I’m not sure what to do for 2015…or even if I should do something for it. I was thinking maybe stitch the flags of all the countries I visit this year, but it’s literally going to be Mexico, Bahamas, and Cayman all year. We’re only going to be home for about 6 weeks this year, so it seems silly to do the weather for someplace I “live” but never go to… Ah well. I’ll think of something.

Also, due to work and me breaking things (which causes more work) I haven’t been keeping up with WIPocalypse. I missed this month’s, but I will be doing the rest of the year!

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