Trading Stitch Game

So, I said in one of my last posts that I was on a Pokémon kick. It’s true. I did three in a row. It may or may not have something to do with ORAS coming out….(it did). Frank had actually never played the third gen before, so I was excited to have him play. However, like most weeks this contract, something needed our attention at work, and our 3DSs went uncharged and unplayed…until recently when Majora’s Mask came out, lol. Still, Poké-inspired and needing a project, I looked around at some of the recent this people have been stitching, and came up with the idea to stitch Pokémon cards based on our favorites 🙂 So, that meant an Eevee for Frank.


I really wanted an old school feel, so I went for the original TCG GameBoy game.

How does it compare to the real thing?

I think it turned out pretty good.

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4 Responses to Trading Stitch Game

  1. I think it came out fantastic. Great job. : )

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  3. The Game Boy TCG was one of my favorites! Both Eevee and Growlithe turned out fantastic. 😀

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