Trading Stitch Game Part 2

I did an Eevee card for Frank, so I did my favorite Pokémon for myself: Growlithe!


Obligatory comparisons:

I actually kind of like the color limits on both of these babies. There are other versions of at least the Growlithe card where the background has blue sky and whatnot, but I enjoyed a four color palette for a change. I changed a lot of colors in my original pattern for the Cubone I just did to try and simplify it, and it was still like 9 colors!

Also, I completed the outlines of both this and the Eevee card during a class called SCC, Survival Craft Course. I thought I would get in trouble at first, but they didn’t care as long as I seemed to be paying attention and I could answer the questions correctly. (One day, I’ll get around to posting about that on Backstage Travels…)

Ideally, I’d like to frame these along with an actual Pokémon card that matches. That won’t happen until I get home, at least, but it’ll be a nice project.

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2 Responses to Trading Stitch Game Part 2

  1. Kerry Hishon says:

    I love this cute Growlithe! One of my favourite Pokemon!
    Now I need to think about what Pokemon I would make into a cross-stitch. I have too many that I like! Maybe Ampharos or Ponyta.

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