Pikachu Pun

Okay, so over on my Tumblr, I got 200 followers, and so decided to do a giveaway of sorts.

It was a bit of a bust, and I think the problem was the prize was both too specific and too broad. And too much to my own liking. I wanted people to reblog with their favorite Pokemon puns. I know a lot of them.

Anyway, several people liked the post, but only one person reblogged, and then told me their favorite Pokemon was pikachu. Well, of course that’s a pun I can work with.

And now that they’ve gotten it, I can post!

Pikachu Pun

Made from a sprite I modified sprite from one of the Mystery Dungeon games. Stitched on 14 count aida while I was supposed to be working on my sampler.

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