Chantelle’s Box

Frustrated with her tendency to misplace things, our cast manager Chantelle offhandedly asked for me to cross stitch a box for her with her name on it.

Now, because I’m working on other projects, and I only had scraps with me at work, I didn’t make a full box.


I had scraps of purple leftover from another project I’ve recently finished, as well. And purple is her favorite. It didn’t take long.

She also wanted it waterproof so it could be outside, so I was just going to put it on a cut up water bottle. Actually, I did.

It didn’t look very nice at all. But she took the little scrap, and made a little box with gaffe tape.

It’s not waterproof, but it’s okay. It’s up by the door that goes outside though, right above the fire extinguisher.

Her reaction was priceless. It was a funny little project.

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