Cast Commission

At the moment, I am working in Florida to install shows onto another ship. I did this about 8 or 9 months ago as well. We’re in a studio instead of a ship, and the cast is rehearsing all the shows before we get to our new ship. Meanwhile, the ship we’ll be going to is preparing for our arrival, with demolition and light shows.

Anyway, I know some of this cast from before. About half, actually. And they know (and now the whole cast knows) that I avidly cross stitch, and do commissions. Seeing my business card sitting on the desk, one of the cast members, Thomas, asked me to make something for him and his English boyfriend, who is also in the cast.

Minger + Baby Bird

He says he calls Matt “Baby Bird” because of the way his hair fluffs up in the front like a baby bird. He says Matt calls him “Minger” because he farts a lot. True Love right there.

The happy couple:

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2 Responses to Cast Commission

  1. They look so adorable together. : )

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