Sprite Stitch Challenge June 2015

The theme on Sprite Stitch this month was video game animals and companions. At first, I asked Frank for his favorite video game dog, and one of the ones he said was Rush, from MegaMan. So, originally, I was going to just stitch his sprite, but then I saw some of the other entries, and upped my game a bit. Dogs are my favorite, so:

Video Game Doggies


Poochy, from Yoshi’s Island
Rush, from MegaMan
Dog, from Duck HuntGrowlithe, from Pokemon
Okami, from Okamiden (the sprite is actually an item that looks like him)
Boney, from Mother 3

I really like how this came together 🙂

In other news, I will be participating in this year’s Mystery Steotch-a-long ^_^

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