I was on the ship when the news broke on the Supreme Court decision about same sex marriage. I made this from a scrap from this commission, which is fitting considering who the piece was for. 

It was a quick stitch, but would have been loads quicker if I’d had more space around the stitching area. Because it was a scrap, though, I didn’t give myself that luxury. This piece features the most amount of French knots I’ve done in a row. No, they were not all perfect, and about half had to be redone. I finished it in time for July 4th, which I thought was also fitting 🙂

If you haven’t realized by now, I am a firm ally in the LGBT+ community and have many friends who have to fight the good fight, just to fill out the same forms Frank and I do. This was a good week for our country. 

The title came from when I showed this piece to my friend Thomas (Minger in the piece I made for him).

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