Framed Finish, and an update

So first, I framed the StarWars mystery stitch:



Soon I’ll post a picture of all the cross stitch in my cabin.

So…everything else is pretty secret. We got a swap deadline coming up (have I mentioned how excited I am for this damn swap???) and my anniversary. It’s hard enough to keep that secret in our 12×7 cabin without posting that all over the internet, so that will have to stay secret as well. I did play around with some shrinky-dinks before I got on the boat though, and the results of that will be fun to post about.

I’m also thinking about putting together a page for the commissions I’ve done, specifically. That was people can see the types of things I have been asked to do vs. the kinds of things I make on my own. What do people think of that?

Anyway, stay tuned, folks!

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