Paper Anniversary 

I decided to save something special for my 200th post. Holy goodness, it’s my 200th post!!

On September 6, Frank and I shared our one year wedding anniversary. The paper anniversary.

Around June, I started to look for viable paper options. Things like tickets to a show, while appropriate for us as people, were out because we’re onboard until December. I don’t do paper craft. What to do? I scoured the Internet for not-lame suggestions, and came up mostly empty.

But then I stumbled on a tutorial for bookbinding on deviantart. Bookbinding…I bet I could do that. So, I would go to the craft shop and glance at the items I would need, and decided that it might be a bit more trouble than it’s worth while onboard a cruise ship.

But then, my mother gave me a great idea! Surely they sell bookbinding kits! And they do! Off to I went, and there it was. So now I have a kit…and a tiny room we both live in, and similar work hours.

What should have taken an afternoon, became a three week project as I glued tiny pieces and then pushed it all away really fast as soon as I heard the card key.

The only thing I didn’t like about the kit was that the cloth they give to cover the book is a camel tan color. I ditched that part and found a black cover and put some cross stitch on it.

Yes…a Zelda reference on our Anniversary Book

The plan is to write in it every anniversary about things we love about each other or things we’re proud of together. It’s going to be an awesome book.

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