Frak Me

I have seen quite a lot of vulgar cross stitch, and I’ve done a couple. Sometimes, it feels nice to juxtapose a nice, mild, old fashioned craft with “bad” words. It’s jarring, and funny.

Sometimes, it feels better to do it in a geeky way.

Last contract, Frank and I watched Battlestar Galactica (the new one) for the first time. Pretty much every time I watch/read/play a new series/movie/video game, I obsess until I cross stitch it. (Just a few examples, not to mention my entire Pokemon and Zelda tags.)

So, coupling frustration I was feeling at the time with my newfound love, I started a new project. Its almost-downfall was the fact that I started it on 22-count, over one with one strand of DMC. It got fiddly really fast. So, as the frustration (and therefore the drive to finish the project) ebbed, it became a project I worked on when I didn’t have any other projects to work on, until there were only about 200 stitches left.

I think the result is pretty glorious. I just need the right frame.

22 count navy, over one, finished yesterday afternoon. 

I also came up with a much smaller version of this pattern, and I might make it into a necklace 🙂

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