Art Swap with Q2Q!

So, about a month ago, my Theatre Tech pattern made rounds on tumblr again after being stitched by another backstage stitcher. The artist for Q2Q comics (where I got the inspiration for the pattern) asked for me to make on for him in exchange for something he made! Other than SpriteStitch, I’ve never really been involved in an art swap before, and I was so excited!

I altered the pattern just slightly because I like the new letters I put on it better. It’s just the A and the R.

So here it is:


It’s a bit bigger than the original, but I like it 🙂

I also had access to a black light, so I got these shots:


WIN_20150929_130930 (2)

Obviously, the glow is way better in person.

Also, while I was trying get a good shot of the glow, I was alone in a dark bathroom backstage. I didn’t lock the door, and one of my backstage hands (none of whom are from countries where English is a commonly used language, nor do any of them have the slightest interest in theatre or entertainment; this is just a side job on the ship) walked in on me. We shared a moment where I’m sure he cemented his beliefs that Americans and anyone from the Entertainment Department (or both, like me!) are just the weirdest people on the planet.

Anyway, today I got these in the mail!


One for me (stage) and one for Frank (sound)! Best. Swap. Ever.

Those go straight back into the envelope they were shipped in to stay nice, and then they will find a nice frame home when we get back to Virginia 😀

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