MEGA Swap!

I started on my Mega gifts first, inspired by my partner’s love of NES nostalgia and Mario. I was originally going to do a whole bunch of different games, but I had already done the mirror before I looked up video game currencies for the wallet. There are surprisingly few games that actually have physical currency rather than just monies that are counted. Think Rupees and Mario Coins vs. Final Fantasy Gil and Pokédollars. So, everything turned out to be either NES or Mario themed. My partner was katdun.

First, I made an NES-inspired purse. I found a template here, and designed my own pattern for it. The office personnel that were with us while we were installing the shows just saw me stitching grey yarn in squares over and over (and EVERYWHERE…at rehearsal, light focus, the bar…everywhere), and didn’t understand what I was doing until I started to put it together. This is the final product, and I have to say, I’m quite proud of it:

WIN_20151016_193125WIN_20151016_193201  WIN_20151016_193145

I’m thinking of making another one…just for myself.

I also made a wallet for this swap, too. The colors of yarn I bought (and I didn’t want to buy a lot, because I still have to figure out how to get all of this stuff home in December) were originally bought for this wallet, which is why the Zelda wallet colors might have been a bit off.

WIN_20151016_192313 WIN_20151016_192320WIN_20151016_192348

The cast watched me put all of these together and said they were all “quite clever.”

I decided to do a little blackwork Invincibility Star for the compact mirror:

WIN_20151016_193320 WIN_20151016_192232

A little mushroom keychain.


WIN_20150902_174519An NES-inspired necklace:
WIN_20151016_193426I broke away from the theme with these last two items, but I was getting a bit obsessed with my plastic canvas. I included two little needleminers as well.

WIN_20151016_190638 WIN_20151016_190702 Overall, I had tons of fun making things for these swaps. I’m sad/happy they only come around once a year. 🙂

This also inspired me to make some things for myself as well.

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