So Many Necklaces!

After the swaps, despite my many projects that I have lined up for gifts and whatnot, I became totally obsessed with making plastic canvas pendants. The ones here aren’t even all of them; they’re just the ones that I’ve put on chains!

First, an NES controller for myself:

NES Necklace

It’s quite a bit shorter than the one I made for the swap. I wear polos for work (on which the buttons hardly work, but I guess I should be glad that they finally started ordering women’s?), and I wanted it to be seen.

Next was a tiny Hogwarts crest:

Hogwarts Necklace

I really love this one, and I’m so glad I had that chain. It’s perfect. I want to add felt backing, but I want the felt to be purple, and they have been sold out at Walmart FOR-EVER.

The last plastic canvas one so far is the Boss Key:

Boss Key NecklaceWas going to say something about it being the key to my heart because wall and trials….blah blah blah. Maybe I’m just a badass.


I also made shrinky dink ones. I’ve already kind of posted about them before, but now these are the finished, wearable products!

First of all, my favorites are the pinwheels:

Yellow Pinwheel

Blue Pinwheel

Red Pinwheel

I want to make so many more!! And I can’t until I go home…

A nice heart necklace:

Heart Necklace

And a little paper (plastic) airplane:

Airplane Necklace

Also I’ve started wearing necklaces.

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