The Cutest Mythical Vicious Guard Dog

For the Sprite Stitch challenge this and next months, the theme is “Lesser Fantastical Creatures.” Meaning, creatures that are less known than, say, dragons.

First, I decided I would skip this one. I leave in a couple weeks and have to pack, and also I’m making some gifts that have to be finished before I leave, and also I’m working on some other theatre things. Also actual work.

But then, I finished all my gifts, and I was nearly done with the theatre pieces, and I came up with an idea without realizing it.

I wanted to stitch a cerberus. Like Fluffy, from Harry Potter. I searched for sprites from games. There were some that were okay, but I wasn’t really in love with the perspective or the size or the number of colors.

So, I took a sprite I’ve used before (you might recognize it from another Sprite Stitch Challenge stitch), and modified it to fit my needs wants.


The cutest Cerberus! You can’t tell me differently. I love this little guy; my very own Fluffy!

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