Cast Gifts: Carnival Edition

It is my last cruise. It’s also the last cruise for my cast as well. I’ve been with some of the cast members for two ships now. So I’ve been working with some of them for 13 months, and some for only 6.5 months. Either way, living on a ship for half a year gets you as close as close gets. 

I’ve written about cast gifts before; I like making them, and I think I made the cast manager cry. 

I clandestinely asked everyone’s favorite color and designed it based on the logo for Carnival’s production team. Then I asked my sister (who has access to an oven and printer) to make little charms with all the logos of all the shows that we’ve worked together on. Originally, I was going to make charm bracelets, but the charms ended up being a bit bigger than I anticipated. I like this better anyway. 


Playlist – Chantelle


Playlist – Thomas


Playlist – Lauren


Playlist – Katelyn


Playlist – Matt


Playlist – Mathew


Playlist – Tara


Playlist – David

I think they all turned out pretty well 🙂 I’ll miss these guys. 

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