Dark Knight Necklace

We’ve been home on vacation for about three weeks now. It’s nice. Now that Chrismakkah has passed, we get a bit of a reprieve on seeing people for a while. Last time we were home, we only had 21 days to do everything that needed to be done while we were home, including seeing family, so we didn’t have much time for friends. We haven’t seen some people since our wedding last September.

One of those people was the woman who was Frank’s Best Man. She works in California, so we can’t see her that often, besides the fact that we work in the middle of the ocean. She came home to visit family, though, and we got to see her for lunch!

She loves Batman, and so I was planning to make something like this for her at some point. The problem with this was that I started it about 8 PM the night before we were going to meet her, and I didn’t finish till about 2 AM. I was very sleepy when I finished it, but I think it turned out well!

177 Batman Necklace

I adjusted the original pattern I found for it because with an odd number of stitches across, it would have been slightly lopsided as a pendant with no middle hole for the jump ring.

I have made a few necklaces recently, and there will be more posts soon! The holidays were just crazy-pants!

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