Wooden Dragon

So, due to a combination on laziness and busy-ness, I still haven’t posted everything that I stitched and finished in 2015. There are only a couple left, here we go.

I love – LOVE – those little wooden pendants that you can stitch on. You would never know it, because I haven’t stitched on one yet. Well, now I have!

I chucked out the pattern that came with it, and put a dragon on it instead!

179 Dragon Necklace

I love the way floss looks on the wood 😀 I think I’ll be maing more of these in 2016.

On another note, my little Cerberus stitch won me a First-Place Gold Star on SpriteStitch, as well as a BMH Stamp of Approval! (Never mind that there were only two entries…) It’s a small thing, but it makes me happy.

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2 Responses to Wooden Dragon

  1. !!!

    I love the pendent! Where did you find wooden disks to stitch on?

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