Reddit Secret Santa!

So this year last year I joined the Reddit Secret Santa. I pretty much knew I was going to stitch something for my giftee, but what? I needed info from them first. I was anxious. I signed up even before I got off the ship, and got the info, but I did truly start brainstorming until I was off the ship for a couple days… I got off the ship on the 7th, and the due date was the 11th! So I had to hurry.

She was really into the make-up scene on reddit, so I decided to do a compact mirror and her favorite color is teal/turquios, so I decided to stitch up her initial:

180 A Mirror

The “A” came from a book on alphabets, and I just adjusted it for a rounder frame.

The nest one was my favorite to do. She said she liked Tiny Fey and Amy Poheler. I also love them. While looking through appropriate quotes, my eyes kept falling on the same one, and so:

181 Bitches Get Stuff Done

I REALLY like this one…like, I might make one for myself one of these days…

It took a little longer than I expected for her to post about them, but when she did, she said she loved them! So I was happy 😀

This was the last of the stitches I completed in 2015. Bring it on, New Year!

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