More Fun with Shrinky Dinks (and other crafts)

The other day, Frank and I had a choice. We could watch the broken dog for the day (he has stitches, and acts like a puppy, so he can get unruly and also try to take the stitches out), or watch our 4 year old niece for the day. Frank chose poorly. The dog ended up being drugged all day, and we had a hyper child.

Anyway, to channel some of that energy, I took her to the craft shop to “help me pick” some stuff to do, that I’d already had picked out. I made her some sewing cards from print-outs online and yarn I already had, and I tried to interest her in a toilet paper roll bracelet, but those got mixed reviews.

We colored for a while, and I drew a tree and some branches for her to make a couple button trees! (I can’t really draw trees, so…)

She picked out where to put the buttons, and I glued them for her.

Now, she knows how to spell her name, and she knows how to write letters, but she flat-out refused to write her name for some reason, so I let her scribble on a Shrinky Dink page, and then traced her hand over the scribbles:

And then we gave it to her mother when she came to pick her up. Originally I wanted have Alaina (my niece) write her own name and make it into a necklace, but this was cute too.

I made something for myself, too! Inspired by an acrylic piece I saw somewhere, I made this:


I think I might make it again, but with the clear pages…maybe. But I think it’s cute!

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