Secret Santa Redux!

When I did the Reddit Secret Santa, I never received anything from my original match, so I signed up for the Rematch. In doing so, though, I felt that I should also be a Rematcher, because the feeling of being forgotten (even during a busy season like December) sucks.

I did get stuff from my Rematch Santa:

Very thoughtful! Craft stuff and a Parks and Rec mug!

The person I got was a woodworker who just moved house with his family. And he liked XBox. I got him a woodburning pen, which I was on the fence about, but he said he loved it, and had been thinking of getting one anyway!

Then, even after I gave a pretty good gift, I couldn’t resist making one more holiday gift project. (I shouldn’t be posting this because my giftee hasn’t posted yet, but I know he’s gotten it and it’s been like 3 weeks…)

182 Home Sweet Home Acheivement

I played on the Xbox achievements to celebrate the fact that he and his family moved into their own house for the first time. I loved making this pattern, and I think I’d like to make a whole series: Home, Kids, Marriage, Job, etc.

I would have liked to find a smaller frame, but I was on a bit of a time crunch. I am pleased with how it came out, though.

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