Quote Challenge

So, I’ve been off the radar for a little while because I’m in the middle of a theatre internship in Alaska, and things got busy real fast. There have been whole weeks when I didn’t do a single stitch.

I did have a couple projects in the works, but they took up all the extra time I had. Because of this, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to participate in this month’s sprite stitch challenge, but I had a rare day off, and finished one (secret) project, and then got a brain wave for the challenge. I designed a simple pattern and actually got it done in a few hours.

This month’s challenge was quotes. Initially, I was having an issue because there are so many great quotes out there! I had trouble picking just one! Plus, I already did a bunch for my wedding. But then, I had an idea that I thought was really funny at 10:30 at night.

195 Pokemon Quote

A quote from a silent protagonist? Hilarious!

This was Trainer Red in Pokemon Gold/Silver. That fight took me forever the first time I played on my little purple Game Boy Color. And now his…words…are immortalized in my cross stitch.

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