Perfume Pillow

Frank and I have been apart for a couple months now. He did come to visit, but it makes me sad to be apart from him. So I made him an “Open When” package. That’s when you send a big box full of small packages and letters for the other person to open when they fit a certain criteria. For example: “Open when you’re feeling sad” with an uplifting note and a chocolate bar or “Open when you have a sweet tooth” full of his favorite candy.

I didn’t post this before because he hadn’t opened that box yet, and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise!

So, I made a couple things for this box, and the first thing I made was this little pillow:

195 Heart Pillow

This was the first stuffed thing I’ve ever made, and I sprayed the stuffing with my perfume. I really need to work on closing stuffed things, but I think it was okay for my fist time.

Also, I’ve been using variegated floss quite a bit lately (as will be seen in later posts). This off-brand thread has color changes that are a little too sudden for my taste usually, but I kinda like the semi-symmetrical look here.

The pattern is from Daily Cross Stitch. The backing is purple felt. I would have made a bigger pillow, but as I mentioned in the last post, the busy-ness has been consuming me.

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