So, my birthday just passed, and it was mostly awesome! My mother came down from Virginia to New Orleans to visit for the day, which was amazing. I was super surprised-both at the visit, and the fact that Frank kept it from me for so long.

I told him specifically what I wanted this year, which is a change from other years where he’s had to trick it out of me. This year The Cursed Child is coming out at the end of the month, so its basically for my birthday, since I recognize the entire month of July as my birthday. I also want the Pokemon Go Plus, but no one know when that will be released.

As a special surprise, while I’m waiting for the new Harry Potter book, he got me the Hamil-Tome!

51pk6v0aiol-_sx396_bo1204203200_I can’t wait to really sit down with it!

I had planned before-hand to tell Frank about his birthday present which I bought waaaaaay back in January on my birthday, because his is in December, and my present to myself was to not keep the secret anymore. Plus we have to buy train tickets.


Of course I made an accompanying cross stitch:


The fabric and cloth were hand-dyed by MadXStitcher. This fabric was on sale due to having been a mistake/they weren’t going to dye fabric anymore and had to get rid of stock. I think the fabric as a whole really lends itself to this pattern. Also there are sparkles. The thread isn’t pure black, either, but it changes to grey and dark, dark blue very subtly. I absolutely LOVE the hand-dyed stuff in that shop. Go buy stuff and love it too.

None of that is the best part though.

Number of stitches: 1,776


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