Cheap Seats and Brownies

Now that the Steotchalong is complete (still haven’t framed it though), I’m focusing on some project I had in the works already. In the mean time, I still have two more shows from my internship that I need to post about.

So, for the community theatre show this season in Sitka, they chose a musical: 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Highly recommended if you like to laugh.

I offered to build some props before I built the set: “I can make brownies out of wood, so we don’t have to bake like 20 every night.” It’s for a scene with PTA Bake Sale stuff.



Spackle and wood. And store brand saran wrap.

The set is super simple. All the time. As the name implies, it’s about a spelling bee. It’s set in a gym, needs a table for the judges to sit, chairs or bleachers for the students to sit, and…???

So I need to build bleachers. And I can do it with stock that the theatre already has. Recycle! I bought literally zero new wood for anything.

The set in action:


I also designed the lights for this, but I couldn’t get shots of that in action because I was running the projections and calling the lights and I really had to pay attention to that.

But I really enjoyed everything I did for this show.

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