You Can’t Take It With You

That was the school play for Sitka High School this year waaaaaaaaaaay back in May, and I did some not terrible work that now resides in Sitka Performing Arts Center’s storage. (We’re going through some transitional stuff at work, so stitching has mostly been on hold for now)

We had students that I helped teach over the semester. They designed the set, and then were told to redesign the set because the TD doesn’t like trapezoid sets. Eventually they came up with something, and I cleaned it up:



We encouraged the kids to really think about the design an colors, and ended up with our final set:


I was also in charge of creating some props and effects. One of the first things the director requested was a set of fireworks and firecrackers.

The play is set in 1936, so I researched 1930s fireworks and came up with these:



They did kind of look like crayons in the end (except for the exploded one), but 1930s fireworks looked like rockets, and these were meant to be homemade ones as well.

The actor was also meant to “fire” a firecracker onstage in a pan. As they were students, I opted for no actual fire or pyrotechnics. So I took a party popper and deconstructed it and I rigged the pan so the trigger fuse could be pulled from the outside.


We worked pretty much to the end of the run in trying to keep the kid from firing it too close to his friend’s ear during the show. I think he got it right once.

My pride and joy was the most daunting task I had: a late 18th century printing press.








The final product and a real one, the one I based it off of:



I really enjoyed working on this 🙂


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One Response to You Can’t Take It With You

  1. Lisa Fuller says:


    Excellent job on this show- it looks like you had a good time doing this.

    My school is doing this show and we will also be making our own printing press. I was wondering if you had any insights or advice.

    Lisa Fuller

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