Year 2: The Cotton Anniversary

On September 6, Frank and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary. The second year gifts are supposed to be cotton-related, if you’re following “traditional” gift themes.

I was a little bit at a loss, because I stitch for him all the time, so I thought just doing a cross stitch would be lame and also cheating. I ended up going a little bit overboard with buying things, because I just couldn’t decide. Highlights include, a corgi shirt, eeveelution plushies, and a bucket of cotton candy.

I also decided to dust off my sewing machine skills (from 7th grade) and make a wallet, because Frank washes his more often than I think he’d like to admit.

It’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever made, but I’m proud of it as a first attempt.


It was also my first time using waste canvas as well. I was nervous to use it, but I didn’t have to get it wet or anything!

I used this tutorial, because it seemed easiest for a beginner. I also watched a lot of Kitchen Nightmares.

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