“The real treasure was the NPC’s we picked up along the way…”

At the beginning of this contract, we started out with a really great tech team, cast, and band. In that group of people, five of us (three techs and two musicians) decided to start a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, to last until the DM left. We invited one more tech who was filling in, to make a character for the guy who was coming back, but the guy coming back wasn’t super into the slow nature of the game, so it ended up just being the five of us.

Given that we were working off a lot of frustration from work while we were playing, we ended up killing a LOT. Also we kept getting NPCs that we were supposed to kill or leave behind. It should be noted that most of us were chaotic neutral when we started.

By the time we ended, one person in the campaign had left the ship, and the mission we had started out with was the complete opposite of the mission we ended up with. And we started a celestial war between Tiamut and Bahamut.

I mentioned that we killed A LOT. We were dubbed the “Murder Hobos.” I decided we needed a logo, and a new project was born.


There was one for each of us. (So Frank and I actually have two: one each.)

The whole cast of figurines:


Just the Murder Hobos +  some NPCs (some of them were made of candy…that we ate):


And finally, just the Murder Hobos:


It was a great part of the contract, and I’m sad it’s over. It was quite a unique campaign.


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