What Toriel really thinks…

I have this weird thing about doing things people tell me I should do, like watch a show, a movie, or play a game. I’m usually really into the thing, or super inclined to be into the thing…but I put it off doing or watching the thing. For example, my friend told me that I’d love Arrested Development…like a year before I actually watched and LOVED it. It’s just a thing I do. Like…psyching myself up to enjoy the thing.

So, after my friend gave me a copy of Undertale, a game I’d seen referenced ALL over Tumblr, and told me I’d like it, it took me a couple weeks to actually open the game.

I finished two playthroughs (one just me doing my RPG thing, killin’ some things, compassion for others, and the other was the best outcome one) on the ship, and one day I’ll do a third (I want to do the evilest one…hehe).

I originally wanted my first Undertale piece to be the Annoying Dog, because of course I did.

But then…


I know she felt this way about me a couple times…lol

I’m still going to stitch the dog.

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