Video Game Adverts

Well, that was the Sprite Stitch challenge, anyway. I think they intended to receive submissions that were advertising items you’d find in video games like potions, pokéballs, weapons, etc. I, however, thought about what kind of other things my guy be advertised in video games I’ve played. I had an idea for one, but needed to order fabric, so to ensure I got at least one entry in, I made this in an afternoon:

A cute little Team Rocket propaganda advert, from pretty much my favorite game of all time. 

My main entry was from another one of my favorites, Portal 2, back when Aperture Science Innovations was in its prime:

The DMC marbled aida is a bit less marbled than I would have hoped, but in the photo you can see it pretty well which I think gives it the aged look I was going for.  

At the time of posting, as far as I know, I’m the only person who’s actually submitted anything to this month’s Sprite Stitch challenge….so fingers crossed! Lol

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4 Responses to Video Game Adverts

  1. Tiki Stitches says:

    These are fabulous. Well done and good luck.

  2. Lord Libidan says:

    You might not have had much competition, but your submissions were killer!

    • Rachel says:

      Thanks! I really liked the idea. If I’d had more time, I feel like I could have come up with more…
      Maybe that’ll be my next project!

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