March ORT and 30 for 30 in April

So this won’t be a huge update, as I haven’t finished anything…but I keep making new starts!!!

First, last year I started keeping my ORTs when I went to Alaska. It’s a no-effort semi-SAL, and it probably wasn’t great that I was leaving all my tiny threads all over the place anyway. Because I travel a lot, I needed a non-breakable container for my threads. One of the most convenient tiny containers I’ve ever come across is the plastic cases that electrical tape comes in, so I’ve been using that on a month by month basis.

This was last year:

2016 ORTs.jpg

And because I carried around the whole year’s worth of ORTs in the case, they mushed together to make a semi-dense thread puck:

ORT 2016 1.jpg

Of course, I did go get a semi-nicer jar for the end of the year:

ORT jar 2016.jpg

So that’s last year in ORTs.

Then this year, I’m only keeping the month’s worth of ORTs in the travel case, and then putting it in the final jar.


ORT jan 17.jpg


ORT Feb 17.jpg

And last month, March:

ort mar 17.jpg

So this is the year so far:

ort jar 0317.jpg

Super exciting, I know lol.

In addition to this, I’m doing a 30 for 30 (30 minutes of crafting a day for 30 days) in April because I’ve a little bit lost my mojo, and I have a deadline on a project that I didn’t know I was volunteering for, but I like the project 🙂 The 30 for 30 will be happening over on my Tumblr, and maybe on my Instagram, so check it out there if you’d like.

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