30 for 30…take two…

So April was not a particularly…productive month in terms of crafting. I felt pretty blah the entire month, preferring to lie in bed doing nothing on my off hours instead of even playing a video game or watching a show near the end of the month. I’m not super sure what my deal is at the moment, but I’m trying to force myself out of this slump with an actual 30for30 over on tumblr, and on Sprite Stitch there will be a Stitch-a-long soon I’m pretty sure.

I’ve also started working on something off to the side that’s been helping me sort of work out feelings that I’ve been having about an injury I sustained last year and am still dealing with doctors over. My main project is still the Good Omens piece. I really want this done this month, and I want to continue working on some of my own designs again.

So anyway. This is a pretty good indication of how little stitching I did last month:

April 2016


And now, head over to my Tumblr to follow my 30for30 stitching this month (along with more random thoughts than make it onto this blog lol).

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