Dog Blanket

I have some home improvement projects I’m working on, so I went out to Lowe’s the other day. That store just so happens to be right near Joanne’s, which I don’t go to very often because it’s a little out of the way. I had no actual plans in mind when I went in…just looking around. Of course I went to the cross stitch section right away. I picked up the new colors, finally, because I’m working on a new storage system and also because they’re coming out with new colors soon, so I figured I should pick up the last set.

Anyway, I wandered around a little more. I get a little paranoid doing this, because I was reading an AskReddit about lost prevention, and some people said they can tell when someone steals something because they wander around aimlessly for a while. That’s…just how I shop sometimes, especially in a craft store lol…

I found some no-sew blanket kits, and I’ve always wanted to try them….but I didn’t like any of the kits. As I walked past the large fabric section, I saw that fleece was on sale for 50% off, so I looked up an Instructibles on how to do it, and spent WAAAAAAY too long picking out fabrics.

I got 2 1/2 yards (so I can use it and maybe share), and spent the rest of the day on that (instead of my home improvement projects). My fingers hurt from the tying.

15 Dog Blanket.jpeg

It probably wouldn’t have taken so long if I didn’t get distracted and walk away a bunch of times, or if I didn’t have to keep the dogs from walking all over it.

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