All my SALs for January 2018

I am very far behind on my SALs. I will be posting both Smalls SAL and WIPocalypse in this post, along with my TUSAL ort “jar.”

So, lets start with the progress of my A;tLA piece, which I’m also considering my Small because its just a tiny part, but it’s a little piece on its own.

Here’s what it looks like so far:

This is what I completed this month:

The little ball counts for my Small this month. Because I said so.

Remember in my WIPocalypse intro I said I was going to focus on my WIPs? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…..

I also stitched up this little sampler this month:

232 Exposure

So, the temperatures where I live (upstate NY now…) were hovering around 0° F for a while, so I got inspired to pull out the old loom knitting kit, and buy some yarn. I’ve only made hats before, and last weekend I made my first Pussy Hat:


So I branched out the other night, and made an ear warmer headband with matching fingerless gloves.

I want to make a matching scarf! I followed this video for the head band (but I added four rows because the original pattern was too skinny for my big ears), and I think I’ll make it again in different colors. This video was for the gloves.

Obviously, since I didn’t just cross stitch, my ORTs include yarn, but not that much, because I think the pup got into the yarn scraps lol

So that was my month. Hopefully I’ll do a little better with posting in the future 🙂

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2 Responses to All my SALs for January 2018

  1. Love the exposureland bucks one! hahaha!

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