Bag Badges!

Last month, I wrote a couple of times about some bag badges I was making. Well, they’re done, and have been in the wild for about a week!

The first ones I made (and have been wanting to make for a looooong time) were the Kanto Badges:

233 Pokemon Badges

I LOVE how they came out!! (Don’t tell the others, but these are my favorites 🙂 ) They’re directly based on the badge sprites from the original Pokemon Red/Blue.

Since I had two packs of Velcro dots, I made a couple more for me. One was Annoying Dog, from Undertale (if you haven’t played that game yet…get on it. If you’ve only played it once, play it again!):

234 Annoying Dog Badge

He makes a great guardian for my bag.

Next was an obvious choice. I’ve made this little pattern before. Harry Potter is one of my favorite series of all time!

235 Hogwarts Badge

Next, I made some for Frank, as he also has a Velcro bag, but from BlizzCon. His request was for the Spiritual Stones from Ocarina of Time:

236 Spiritual Stone Badges

The patterns are ones I found ages ago on SpriteStitch.

I had a few Velcro dots left, so I decided to make a couple more badges for us. What better companion than a Companion Cube?

237 Companion Cube Badges

So we each got one of those.

All of the badges we backed with felt via ModPodge, and then sealed with ModPodge. I left the center of the felt backing unsealed to attach the Velcro. The Velcro I used were some ovals with sticky backs especially for fabric.

Here’s his bag with all his badges! (The WoW one came with the bag lol)

And my ThinkGeek Bag of Holding!

This isn’t an advert for them, but I seriously LOVE this bag. I carry my Surface and current project EVERYWHERE in it. It’s well loved.

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2 Responses to Bag Badges!

  1. oooohhhh…so you don’t stitch through the Velcro? I tried making some, but it killed my fingers trying to stitch through that crap. Hmmmmm….

    • Rachel says:

      Nope! I stitched on the plastic first, and then attached the Velcro. I imagine stitching on the Velcro itself wouldn’t be…super fun.

      You should try again! Good luck!

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