Meme Stitch 2

I haven’t been posting much, and that mostly because of work. We get SUPER busy near the end of the year because everyone wants to squish their last performance in before finals, and then we host a few graduations. I had 4 weeks in a row where I worked every day with no day off. That’s child’s play in ship time, but I haven’t been on a ship in almost 2 years now! So I was tired. And I wasn’t doing much stitching to be honest.

It’s been a while since I stitched a meme. Well, not that long, if you count the Vine stitch

Anyway, I’ve been working on something pretty heavy for a while (that will be in a show, so I don’t want to post it before then), and after I finished it, I really wanted to do something just…ridiculous. So, I came up with a ridiculous pattern, and stitched it over the long weekend.

Mocking Spongebob

I know this meme is old, but I came across it again recently, and really wanted to connect it to cross stitch. We’re not all grandmas! I’m not even 30 yet! I fretted a bit about some of the colors and experimented with fractional stitches before I remembered that I was doing a ridiculous project. And after all that, I think it turned out okay, whole stitches and all!

There’s another silly project in the pipeline before I have to get back to the Avatar piece (I’m only like 10,000 stitches in!), and I’m sure the Steotch-a-long is coming up.

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