Free Patterns

Here are some patterns that I made. Enjoy! To save the .pdf file, right click and select “Save Target/Link As”

If you use my patterns, I’d love to see pictures of the final product, and I’ll even post them on the blog if you like ūüôā

Theatre Tech

Theatre Tech


Alt US National Park Service


Alt National Park Service – Smokey the Bear

Simple Portal Cores

A Pokemon/Zelda mashup

Sokka’s Cactus Juice Pitch

Pokemon Through The Ages

Tickling Your Funny Cubone

Tickling Your Funny Cubone

Stained Glass Tardis

Stained Glass Tardis

Fellowship of the Ring

Fellowship of the Ring


3 Responses to Free Patterns

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  3. Denise Overholt says:

    You are awesome! Thank you for the pattern!

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