Chrismakkah Presents Part 6: A Lion Among Babies

Getting back to the Chrismakkah gifts. There are only a few more left, I swear!

I’m not super good at babies. I have a niece on Frank’s side, and a nephew and niece on my side, so we’re in the clear for a minute. My nephew is almost 2, and I basically just asked what animal he’s into at the moment, and stitched something for his room. Apparently, he likes all animals (and the movie Zootopia, which I think my sister has memorized…), but lions best right now. So I found the cutest pattern I could, and personalized it:

229 James Lion

I forgot the little mouth, but it’s kinda cute without lol

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IHSW January: Pussy Hat

International Hermit and Stitch Weekend. The weekend that I meant to set aside to stitch. My A;tLA piece was properly ready and everything.

But the Women’s March 2.0 was this weekend! And….we had to deposit-clean the apartment to give it back. So…I didn’t stitch very much.

But I did manage a Pussy Hat…but in black! You know, for lady techs! Excuse the dog hair…I can never really get it off anything I own. Also I hate every selfie I’ve ever taken lol



I can’t knit with needles, so I made this on the loom. I do plan on making the pink version at some point.

So this was my “Hermit” weekend. Out with millions of other people, and cleaning my no-longer-mine apartment!

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Chrismakkah Presents Part 5: Star Wars Blanket

Back to the holiday gifts!

One thing I’ve noticed about the holidays, is now that I’m older, and my interests remain mostly constant (I’ll always love Harry Potter or Pokemon, for example), I’ll keep receiving gifts of that nature for years to come. Mostly it’s great, and I build a nice collection of stuff (they’re putting growlithe stuff out now!!!).

Frank’s sister has her interests, too, and one that we all remember at this time is classic Star Wars. What luck for me that Joann Fabrics carries Star Wars licensed fabrics, right at the end of an aisle!

17 StarWars Blanket

This blanket will probably not end up in the possession of the person I gave it to, either, once her daughter gets a look at it.

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WIPocalypse 2018: Introduction!

Last year, while I had more time to post because I’m not on ships anymore, I didn’t really participate in any of the SALs that I usually participate in. Part of it was because the first part of the year was dedicated to a new job and physical therapy from my 2016 injury. Then I got a puppy. Then we bought a house. 2017 was personally, pretty good, though pretty…ah…not good sociopolitically. But some things fell to the wayside…like SALs.

Anyway, I’m jumping back into all my SALs in 2018: WIPocalypse, IHSW, and maybe Small SAL, just to break things up. I’m settling into my job nicely, and our house is mostly moved in. I still need to make my craft space in the basement, so that’s one of my goals lol. I have a solid idea of what I want, but my budget has to be in place.

If anyone has been following my Instagram or Tumblr, you’ve seen the Avatar: The Last Airbender piece I’ve been working on. My last WIP I posted back in July:

It was put on the backburner for the two Mystery Stitchalongs I did, and then of course, I had the holidays. This picture is 9,292/85,483 stitches. So I clearly have a long way to go.

I also have a couple of other WIPs that I need to work on, such as my Portal Blanket (that I only have one panel completed on…holy crap it’s been 4 years??), and the LOTR stitch I’ve been working on for a few years. Both of those are about 30,000 stitches.



I’m anticipating that I won’t get as many projects done as I usually do every year, but I’m hoping that ditching smaller projects for a while will allow me to finish these larger projects. I’m trying to stitch a few hundred stitches every day. I know there are going to be months that I’m going to be working more and I won’t probably stitch on 15 hour days. I have a smaller project that I haven’t posted anywhere yet that’s slow going because I only work it during slow times at work. But I don’t think I’m going to work on it very much while I focus on these 3 projects.

So, all in all, it’s a pretty tall order, but I’d like to have at least one large finish by the end of the year, and my husband hopes it’s the A:tLA one.

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First finish of 2018!

We’re taking a short break from the 2017 Chrismakkah posts to bring you the first finish of 2018!

This one was inspired by Q2Q Comics. It’s not the first one I’ve done based on the technical theatre comic strip. Specifically, I was inspired by this comic. The idea is that you shouldn’t fall into the “exposure” trap and work for free just because you haven’t worked a lot.

I came up with a couple different designs, but ultimately stitched up my favorite (but I’ll still post the other patterns later).

232 Exposure

It’s pretty theatre-specific like this, but it goes for other gig-type work as well.

I’m pretty pleased with the way this turned out.

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Chrimakkah Presents Part 4: Dog Blanket!

I was not going to go out on Black Friday. And I didn’t. But Saturday, I saw a deal I just COULDN’T pass up: 70% off fleece, and 20% off your whole purchase at Joann Fabrics. So, I dragged Frank along so he could help me pick patterns for his family, because fleece on sale means people are getting no-sew blankets!

First up, was Frank’s mom, who loves dogs (almost as much as me?). We found two cute patterns that went together:

18 Dog Blanket 2

Originally, I was under the assumption that I’d made the blanket for her. This was not the case.

Joey seems to like it though 🙂

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Chrismakkah Presents Part 3: Unicorn

My niece changes her mind about what she likes almost as much as she needs to wipe her nose (the little snot monster). Still love her though ❤

One thing that’s been pretty consistent has been unicorns (along with Minecraft, but tbh, I had some colorchange thread I was dying to try). So I found a simple unicorn pattern and made it her own.

228 Alaina Unicorn

Everything but the black is thread made by MadXStitcher, who has sadly closed their shop 😦

Gonna have to learn to dye my own stuff, I guess.

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Chrismakkah Presents Part 2: Furry Portraits

My sister is a pretty active artist in the Furry community. She’s been drawing for a while, and does commissions and streaming and stuff. Furries aren’t really my thing, but I commissioned my current logo from her, along with a custom drawing of me, my husband, and our dogs (which I’ll share at a later date).

Anyway, she has this banner that used to be her timeline photo, and which she still uses for when she streams.

I decided to stitch her fursona, Erika, there. It took a good minute, because I had to take out all of the other stuff, and I couldn’t ask her for a clean version or it would ruin the surprise. I think I got it in the end, though:

227 Erika

If  you’re interested in her work, or want to commission something you can find her on facebook, DeviantArt, and Furaffinity.

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Chrismakkah Presents Part 1: Dorm Life

It’s that time of year again. That time that I’ve been absent from this blog for like 2 months because I’ve been making Holiday gifts.

First up is my little bro. He went to college this year, and he effing LOVES VCU. So, I made him some decor for his dorm room (and his apartment next year).

226 Dorm Sweet Dorm

That ram went through like a dozen revisions before I settled on this design. I’m sure he and his roommate (and the girlfriends that visit often) will love it.

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Vine Stitch

Vine might be dead, but we all still have our favorites, right? One of my favorites is the “Toss me my Keys” series.

Well, Frank’s favorite vine is the “Hey Duck” one:


So, obviously:

225 Duck.jpg

The fabric is the same as what I used for my phoenix piece, by MadXStitcher. I’m going thrift shopping for a frame, and then it’s going on his desk 🙂

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