Video Game Adverts

Well, that was the Sprite Stitch challenge, anyway. I think they intended to receive submissions that were advertising items you’d find in video games like potions, pokéballs, weapons, etc. I, however, thought about what kind of other things my guy be advertised in video games I’ve played. I had an idea for one, but needed to order fabric, so to ensure I got at least one entry in, I made this in an afternoon:

A cute little Team Rocket propaganda advert, from pretty much my favorite game of all time. 

My main entry was from another one of my favorites, Portal 2, back when Aperture Science Innovations was in its prime:

The DMC marbled aida is a bit less marbled than I would have hoped, but in the photo you can see it pretty well which I think gives it the aged look I was going for.  

At the time of posting, as far as I know, I’m the only person who’s actually submitted anything to this month’s Sprite Stitch challenge….so fingers crossed! Lol

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Nevertheless, she persisted…

I was quite…emotional about the election. I have personal and professional reasons for feeling certain ways about what has happened, what is happening, and what I’m concerned will come.

My first thought was that I should rise back up after this, which inspired this piece at first. I was inspired to finish it after “nevertheless, she persisted.”



I created the pattern based on a clipart image I found. The fabric and thread were both hand dyed by MadXStitcher. They don’t have dyed fabric in their shop anymore, but their threads are amazing and high quality. I love working with the variegated floss.

I know there is more to it than just the soundbite that is circulating, but it’s a rallying cry that works, and illustrates the attitudes that have affected women and other “minorities” for years and years.

We can rise up!


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Hyrule Commission

A few weeks ago, a friend from the ship commissioned something from me. It was a quick design, as it was basically a mash-up of things I’d done before, and I was quite excited to do this one. I have done a lot of Legend of Zelda pieces in my time. Including ones for my wedding and anniversaries.

So here’s my latest:


I’m going to be doing a lot more work on colored aida, I think. Not only because I now have so much of it………

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What Toriel really thinks…

I have this weird thing about doing things people tell me I should do, like watch a show, a movie, or play a game. I’m usually really into the thing, or super inclined to be into the thing…but I put it off doing or watching the thing. For example, my friend told me that I’d love Arrested Development…like a year before I actually watched and LOVED it. It’s just a thing I do. Like…psyching myself up to enjoy the thing.

So, after my friend gave me a copy of Undertale, a game I’d seen referenced ALL over Tumblr, and told me I’d like it, it took me a couple weeks to actually open the game.

I finished two playthroughs (one just me doing my RPG thing, killin’ some things, compassion for others, and the other was the best outcome one) on the ship, and one day I’ll do a third (I want to do the evilest one…hehe).

I originally wanted my first Undertale piece to be the Annoying Dog, because of course I did.

But then…


I know she felt this way about me a couple times…lol

I’m still going to stitch the dog.

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Support the Resistance!

I haven’t been on much, or stitching much lately. I’ve had some (good!) things happening recently, which has been taking up most of my time.

Obviously, some not-so-great things have been happening as well. I’m pretty vocal in real life about the way I feel about politics and social issues, but I’ve been keeping my thoughts mostly off social media and the internet. I can’t anymore. I can’t afford it. No one can.

Leading the resistance is the US National Park Service. In honor of them, I made this:


The Alt-NPS first lead the resistance against a gag-order that sought to silence many environmentally-based agencies. Now, they serve as an icon of broader resistance in these times.

I’m providing the pattern for free here. As you can see, I opted to not stitch the words, but I added them in the PDF.

I’ll be selling the finished product and donating proceeds.

Join the resistance. Don’t be on the wrong side of history.

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New Year, Good Riddance

New year! I haven’t posted this whole week because I’ve been a bit busy with some personal stuff…and I haven’t crafted ALL YEAR! BOO.

However, I did promise that I had something special for that last 2016 piece, and I sure did when I rang in the new year.

This is what that stitch looks like now:


You can still see the burnt remnants of the year, but it’s gone now.

I have a big announcement coming up, but I can’t post about it just yet. Hopefully before I can officially announce, I’ll be able to summon the energy to get back to stitching!!

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Screw you, 2016

Today, Carrie Fisher died. That is really the last straw, 2016.

I have nothing clever to say here. I just have this:

And I have something special planned for it on New Year’s Eve.

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A Frood Who Knows Where Her Towel Is

I know, I know. Towel day was back in May. But there has been quite a lot of stuff going on in my life in the last several months, and while I started this project in May, others started to get priority as I got excited about them. My last few weeks on the ship, I was constantly in rehearsal, which was more “hurry up and wait” than not. So, I picked this project up again and finished it rather quickly, despite smashing my right ring finger in a door early in November.

Partway through (and right after the election) I felt I needed to document the progress of the towel:


I did finally finish it, however:


It’s a staple of travel now 🙂

I’m off the ship a little early than I’d planned…but now I just have more time for Christmas stitches!

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“The real treasure was the NPC’s we picked up along the way…”

At the beginning of this contract, we started out with a really great tech team, cast, and band. In that group of people, five of us (three techs and two musicians) decided to start a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, to last until the DM left. We invited one more tech who was filling in, to make a character for the guy who was coming back, but the guy coming back wasn’t super into the slow nature of the game, so it ended up just being the five of us.

Given that we were working off a lot of frustration from work while we were playing, we ended up killing a LOT. Also we kept getting NPCs that we were supposed to kill or leave behind. It should be noted that most of us were chaotic neutral when we started.

By the time we ended, one person in the campaign had left the ship, and the mission we had started out with was the complete opposite of the mission we ended up with. And we started a celestial war between Tiamut and Bahamut.

I mentioned that we killed A LOT. We were dubbed the “Murder Hobos.” I decided we needed a logo, and a new project was born.


There was one for each of us. (So Frank and I actually have two: one each.)

The whole cast of figurines:


Just the Murder Hobos +  some NPCs (some of them were made of candy…that we ate):


And finally, just the Murder Hobos:


It was a great part of the contract, and I’m sad it’s over. It was quite a unique campaign.


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Pokemon Go Challenge

So this month, on SpriteStitch, the challenge is Pokemon GO themed. I should have waited to post my necklaces…lol oh well. 

So I rummaged around in the brain box, and decided to stitch sprite-me and my Pokemon buddy!

On team Valor, of course. 

I can only play when I’m off the ship in the states, so we’ve only walked 25 km so far. Can’t wait to go for walks at home!

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