I have dabbled in poetry throughout the years. Here are some things I’ve come up with! More to come.

/Darth Vader/Scalping/
/The Little Engine That Could/
/A really cool hat/ (Feb 2013)

It is a haiku/Kind of day in the theatre/So here are some more (July 2012)

Our first one today
Spent the whole show in the dark
Now blinded by light

Avatar Aang saved
Us from the Fire Lord
Harmony now reigns

Now Korra is here
And forty more episodes
Will keep us happy

Mass Effect 3: A poem for Frank (Mar 2012)

I knew this would happen;
I was warned ahead
About the game that would
Steal you from bed.
The download finished,
And you wished me “Farewell”
And from then I had lost you
To BioWare’s spell.
I’m okay with this though,
I promise I’m fine.
I’m on the couch right beside you
With Final Fantasy 9.

I was in the mood/To write a haiku and then/I wrote a whole bunch (Jan 2009)

Rachel (that’s me) has
Written an awesome haiku
It is now finished

It is very sad
That I now think of thirty
Six degrees as warm.

Though it’s now later,
And it’s only once a week,
Mime is still suckish.

Chuck E Cheese’s is
Where a kid can be a kid
Twenty-Five cent fun.
(Not Original
Obviously, but I was
Watching the T.V.)

Frank’s in Italy
I’m stuck here in Niagara.
And I’m so jealous

Day twenty, first month:
Day One of a new era.
Barak Obama

Caution, Police Line
You’d better obey or else.
It says “DO NOT CROSS”

Final exam time
The bane of my existence
No sleep, must study.

Prickly, disgusting
Pokey, yucky, icky, too.
Hairy legs, must shave!

A haiku for Frank
I love him very much and
I miss him a lot.

Warm hot chocolate
With little teeny tiny
Marshmallows. Yummy.

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